Funza Bursary

Funza Bursaries

Funza Bursaries are offered by the Funza Lushaka Bursary Programme, the programme is aim to promote teachers yearly in public schools. The programme offers full cost bursaries to assist students in completion of their teaching qualification in specified areas of national government priority. Applicant who successfully got this bursary will in return be required to teach in public schools for the same period the bursary was offered.

Applicant who qualifies for this bursary must on their application request placement in province of their choice. The provincial education department involved will check if there is post suitable for the applicant available. If there are no posts available the placement may be in a provincial education department office.

Funza Bursary Requirements

  • Proven academic record
  • Qualify to study a degree or PGCE in two of the priority areas
  • Must be determine and committed in a career of teaching
  • Must have the love and interest in working with young people
  • Must be able to deal with difficult challenges
  • Excited to venture in the career of teaching
  • Be ready to teach at any school the provincial education department will appoint
  • Preference will be give to applicants from rural areas and applicants who would not have a problem teaching in rural areas and also applicant who need financial assistance to further their studies in the career of teaching.

Funza Bursaries key areas

Foundation phase (Grade R to Grade 3)
Foundation phase specialization in an Indigenous African Language.
Intermediate and Senior Phase (Grade 4 to Grade 9)
A teaching majoring the following:
Natural Science
FET phase (Grade 10 to Grade 12):
A teaching major in two of the following:
Agricultural Sciences
Agricultural Technology
Civil Technology;
Computer Applications Technology
Electrical Technology
Engineering Graphics and Design
Information Technology
Life Sciences
Mechanical Technology
Physical Sciences

What the Funza Bursary covers

This bursary all applicants expenses. These expenses covered include:
full accommodation
learning materials
allowance for monthly living expenses
The allocation to any applicant is capped at a specific amount.
How To Apply