Teachers Bursaries

Teachers Bursaries are often offered by Government, Non Profit Organisations, Foundations and etc. The most entity that offers bursaries in the field of teaching is government. South African government has made an impact in ensuring these bursary are available using government institutions like ISASA.

What is Teaching?

A teacher can be referred as an educator or school teacher, teacher is a person assisting other to obtain knowledge, competences and values.

In other words or rather simpler form;

It is when any individual showing co-worker/business partner/any person on how to perform a task or work.

In some parts of the world, teaching of young people of the age of primary and high school can be done by a family member, this setting is called homeschooling. Otherwise a normal setting of teaching is teachers teaching at schools or colleges.

Other types of teaching can include a significant amount of teaching, teaching like:

Youth Worker

Familiar the character of the educator may be taken on by anyone (e.g. when showing a co-worker how to perform a specific work). In other countries across the world, teaching young students of school age may be done in an casual setting, such as within the family (homeschooling), rather than in a casual setting such as a school or college.

In many countries in the world, teaching is done by professional paid teachers. Note this post aims on those who are employed as their main role to educate others in an educational context, like at school.

Teachers Bursaries Available

ISASA Teaching Bursaries
Thutuka Teaching Bursaries
Funza Teaching Bursaries
Teaching Training Programme

Teaching bursary application forms are available on the bursary information offering a bursary. Most of the application can be only apply online and forms are also download online. Some institutions will advise if the application forms can be obtained elsewhere.