Nursing Bursaries

Nursing Bursaries SA

Nursing Bursaries SA, the NMCH bursary programme is aimed to assist students who are doing their short courses and post-graduate nursing training diplomas at any institutions of higher learning recognized by the South African government. Also students planing or currently studying towards postgraduate in specialized in pediatric nursing can apply.
All students who are doing undergraduate will only be covered in their second year of study and on wards. In order to qualify for this bursary, applicants must have first completed their first year studies. Once applicants completed their qualification they will be required to work at the Johannesburg branch of the Nelson Mandela Childrens Hospital, for the same period that the bursary was offered.

Nursing Bursaries SA Available

Child Nursing
Intensive Care Nursing
Neonatal Nursing
Nephrology Nursing
Oncology Nursing
Operating Theatre Nursing

Nursing Bursaries SA Requirements

South African citizen,
Must have a Matric certificate (National Senior Certificate),
Must have a qualification in nursing science (recognised tertiary institution),
Registered with the SANC (South African Nursing Council),
Have a minimum of 1 years working experience in the field you wish to specialise in
Completed Community Service year.
How to apply
For any bursary queries, please contact Shaun on Email: or call Tel: 087 150 2101.
About Nursing
Nursing is a qualification within the medical care sector that its main focus is on taking care of people and communities medical well-being so that they can recover optimal health and quality of life. Nursing is not the same across with other health care providers, nursing approach to patient care, training and scope of practice.
Nursing on its own as practice has many specialties with different levels of prescription authority. Normally there are more nurses that gives care within the scope of physician. Physician nursing has traditional shaped the role of the public image of nurses as care helpers. In variety setting, nurse practitioners are permitted by the jurisdictions to work independently.