Medical Bursary Opportunities

Medical Bursaries –¬†A medical school is a tertiary educational institution or part of such an institution that teaches medicine, and awards a professional degree for¬†physicians and surgeons. There are many specialties in the field of medicine.

Medical studies are a very specialized skill of study and it requires applicants to be committed, determined and disciplined towards their studies. Applicants who complete their undergraduate in the medical field becomes General Practitioner. These are commonly know as doctors. Thereafter applicants can further their studies by specializing in a specific area in medicine they want to pursuit as a career.

Qualifying to be enroll to a medical school, applicant must have a strong academic proven record especial in the following subjects from their Grade 12:

At least two Languages (South African Languages)

Note 80 percent is the minimum requirement on specified subjects.

Medical Bursaries Available

Nursing Bursaries

Medical bursaries general requirements in South Africa

South African Citizens
Valid Identification Document
Previously Disadvantage
Prove Academic Track Record
Accepted to Medical School

In South Africa applicants who have been awarded bursaries to further their education at medical schools by institutions, companies, government and etc. normally get into a signed contractual agreement with the applicant, that after they have completed the qualification successfully, applicants are obligated to work at institution/hospital identified by the institution/government/company awarded them the bursary.

Medical Bursary Value

Full Registration Fees
Full Tuition Fees
Prescribed Text Books
Annual personal allowance

Note that the annual personal allowance is depended on the company or institution or government entity that has awarded the applicant a bursary.

Applicants must do a proper research into which medical school they want to enroll, which specialization they want to specialize in and always stay discipline in their studies throughout their years of studies.



    I am currently doing optometry,would like to enquire if there are any bursaries available for optometry


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