What is Learnerships

Learnerships is a form of training offered by companies/institutions/non-profit organisations and/or government sector for students who in their last year of studies and/or student who have just completed their qualification.

The learnership programme is aimed in enhancing the theory learnt by students from institutions of higher learning converted into practical working experience.

This programme helps the students and/or graduate (who have just completed their qualification) to gain work experience that will help them in furthering their careers in the industry they have chosen to study and work.

Learnership programme they normally run for a period on a year and in that period candidates are pain salaries.

SaFunda Learnerships Available

Below is a list of learnership available. Please click on the link below to read and apply for a learnership of your choice.

Mercedes Benz Learnership
Government Learnership
FNB Learnership Available
Bursary Opportunities
Rand Water Learnership Programme
Sasol Learnership
Eskom Learnership
Transport Learnership
Armscor Learnership Programme
Nedbank Learnership
Eskom Learneship
Limpopo SAPS Learnership Programme
KZN SAPS Learnership Programme
Transnet Training Opportunities
Eskom Internship
Nissan Learnerships Opportunities
SAP IT Scholarship
South African Police Service Learnership

Companies/organisations/ and/or government sector offers learnerships to students whom they have offered them bursaries to further their training. The learnerships becomes as one of the obligations the students must adhere.

However learnerships are not only offered to students who where awarded bursaries. It can also be offered to students and/orĀ  graduates (students who have just finished their qualifications) who are studying or completed their studies in the field the company or organisation in operating.

How to Apply for leanerships

Applicants can use search engines like Google, Yahoo and etc.

Visit the websites of companies or institutions or organisation and/or government sector

Newspapers can also be used to search for learnership available