Nelson Mandela Bay Bursary

Nelson Mandela Bay Bursaries

Nelson Mandela Bay Bursaries  – The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has engineering bursaries available for students studying full-time or Grade 12 learners planing to further their studies in engineering. Students who will be award d this bursary and successfully completed their studies will be obligated to work the the Nelson Mandela Municipality for the same period the bursary was awarded.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality bursary will be awarded to applicants who have been accepted to institution of higher learning in South Africa.

Nelson Mandela Bay Bursaries Available

Diploma in Electrical Engineering
B.Tech in Electrical Engineering
B.Sc Electrical Engineering

Nelson Mandela Bay Bursary Value

Bursaries will cover the following cost

Tuition Fees
Residential Fees
Personal Allowance

Nelson Mandela Bursaries Requirements

Applicants will be obligated to into a written agreement to serve the Municipality for a period equal to that for which their bursaries were paid.

Where necessary, applicants will be required to undergo their practical training, as prescribed by the course, with the Municipality.

Applicant will be paid a monthly salary during the period of their training.

Applicants will be required to go through an interview and possibly to write a test to determine their suitability for the award of a bursary.

How To Apply

Applications forms available here only, obtainable from the Executive Director:
Human Resources Transformation Services
PO Box 116
Port Elizabeth

All Nelson Mandela Bay municipality bursary applications must be sent to this address or hand delivered to:

9th Floor
Fidelity Building
Opposite Lillian Diedericks Building
Govan Mbeki Avenue
Port Elizabeth

Together with details of the applicant’s latest academic results, to reach the office on or before.

Note this bursary is now is closed

Please visit the website of the Nelson Mandela Bay for more information and when would they have bursary application process for the next coming academic year.