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How To Become A Chemical Engineer In South Africa

Chemical Engineer – How To Become One? The main function of a chemical engineer in South Africa like anywhere else in the world is to plan, design and manage plants where processing of chemical products occurs. As a chemical engineer your role is to apply principled and documented techniques of heat, mass and momentum transfer. This way your… Read More »

GDID Bursaries Available 2018 – SA Bursaries 2019

GDID Bursaries Available 2018 GDID bursaries available works with the Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development is committed to youth and skills development in the country in line with the National Skills Development Strategy. The bursary programme aims to promote quality education and skills development within the critical and scarce skills sectors linked to the Core Business of the… Read More »

Eskom Bursaries Available 2018 – SA Bursaries 2019

Eskom Bursaries Eskom bursaries are offered as part of the companies support for education and development of careers in South Africa. Eskom is the sole generator and distributor of heavy current electricity in this country. The company is committed to various educational programs aimed at development of workforce. Eskom Bursaries Available Bursaries are offered under the following categories:… Read More »