SAPPI Bursary

Sappi bursary is offers full financial sponsorship to selected individuals. These individuals need to apply formally to the HR-department for a bursary wherefrom, based on academic and phsycometric testing results, individuals would be selected and fully supported with all study related costs.

Furthering your studies can amount into a costly account. But students must not be perturbed with costs as the costs must be viewed as a lucrative investment in your future which projects good returns, both in financial security as well as personal fulfilment.

A year of full-time studies including accommodation, meals and pocket money can amount to R50 000 per year at the above institutions. A more detailed breakdown of the costs can be attained from the Universities.

SAPPI Bursary criteria

Maths 65%
Science 65%
Partial Sponsorship

Sappi also extends support to eager forestry students by supplying an incremental sponsorship which increases as you succeed from year to year. The sponsorship will aid students in covering the cost of text books and partially tutorial costs.
Practical experience and work

Sappi offers opportunities to students to get hands-on job experience. Students come to the farms and experience forestry while being reimbursed for their work. This is the ideal opportunity for students to cement their place in the ranks of Sappi Forestry after completing their studies.

How To Apply

SAPPI Bursary Application Form Available here. This bursary is now closed. Online bursaries available


Sappi was formed in South Africa in 1936 to serve South African consumers with locally produced paper.

We have a tradition of innovating and developing new products to meet local demand for newsprint, uncoated graphic and business papers, packaging and speciality papers used and protect our customers’ products especially in the agricultural sector and speciality papers used in the convenience food, confectionery, cosmetic and luxury markets, and tissue products for household, medical and industrial use in the Southern Africa region.

We are also the world’s largest manufacturer of dissolving wood pulp (DWP), which are used worldwide by converters to create viscose fibre for fashionable clothing and textiles, acetate tow, pharmaceutical products as well as a wide range of consumer and household products. Almost all of the production of our mills in South Africa is exported.

Sappi Southern Africa operates four mills and has a combined production capacity of 685,000 tons of paper, 665,000 tons of paper pulp and over a million tons of dissolving wood pulp per annum. The pulp purchased by our European business is effectively hedged by Sappi Southern Africa being a net seller of pulp.

Our headquarters in Johannesburg (South Africa), manages the sub-divisions of Sappi Forests, Sappi Paper and Paper Packaging, and Sappi Specialised Cellulose. A number of regional functions like finance, human resources, sales and marketing, technical and engineering as well as board functions are also based there.