SAA Bursary

SAA bursary is providing an opportunity to aspiring pilots to participate in the SAA Cadet Pilot Development Programme, a bursary award programme aimed at assisting successful candidates with funding to obtain a Frozen Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence.

On completion, successful cadets will be required to seek employment in the aviation sector to gain further flying experience to facilitate employment within SAA among other employers in the aviation industry.

Once sufficient flying experience has been obtained and should suitable vacancies arise in SAA, successful cadets will be eligible to apply for an appropriate position in line with SAA’s recruitment and selection processes.

SAA Bursary Programme Benefits

The Development Programme will provide you with the following benefits:
You will gain knowledge and skills in the functions and competencies required for the job role of an entry-level Pilot
This Programme may open the door to future potential working opportunities within SAA (Please note that this is not guaranteed)

SAA Bursary Curriculum includes:

Preparation Training
Technical Training
Ground School Theory
Practical Flight Training

“I received the best flight training on the continent under the SAA Cadet Pilot Programme and this has made me the best at what I do. Today I am employed by SAA, flying an Airbus A340.” Moses Tshibalanganda, SAA Cadet 2002

SAA Bursary Requirements

In order to apply for our Cadet Pilot Development Programme candidates must meet the following requirements:
Matric Certificate/N3 or relevant tertiary qualifications (SAQA accredited)
Compulsory subjects include: Mathematics or Statistics 101, Physical Science and English
Subjects are to be passed on D symbol on Higher Grade, C symbol on Standard Grade or Level 5
Candidates with/without previous flying experience/valid pilot licence will be considered
Pass a security competency assessment
Must be willing to relocate for the duration of the training
Good communication, judgment and decision-making skills
Must have the ability to multitask
Must be medically fit
Good hand-eye co-ordination
Technically orientated
Highly motivated
Ability to work under pressure
Must be confident and assertive
Sign a training bond

Our Selection Process

The selection process consists of five (5)  phases:
Pre-screening of application
Psychometric testing
Medical examination
Panel Interviews
Let your career take flight with SAA’s Cadet Pilot Development Programme:
If you are interested in a career in Aviation, this is the Skills Programme for you.
Please note that being part of the Cadet Pilot Development Programme does not guarantee employment at SAA.
Please note all candidates must be South African citizens
Candidates will  be expected to undergo pre-employment assessments and criminal and qualification checks
SAA is committed to Employment Equity and all appointments will be made in this context

How To Apply

Application Forms Available here