Bursaries For 2018

Bursaries For 2018 – South Africa

We list bursaries for 2018 in their categories to make it much easier for students to find what the are looking for. However, many other bursaries in the list may have be nearing their closing date. It is for this reason that we encourage student to check the closing date before they apply.
Are you doing your metric this year or you are already registered in a university or university of technology? This is not the reason to worry at all. We have included bursary list for both matriculants but also those who are already on their first, second or third year of their studies.

Financial assistance given by companies in a form of a bursaries requires that you perform very well during your academic year. There is a reason for this – companies or bursars award assistance on annual bases. Because they allocate bursaries on annual bases, they require that you submit your results in order to renew. You will have troubles if your results are not satisfactory.

Our bursaries for 2018 list is very detailed and covers almost all categories which includes general studies. Below is our list, please read and find bursaries that you are looking for.
Cheffing & Cooking, Hospitality, Journalism, Language, Media & Communications, Operations & Operations Management, Political, Public Administration, Public Relations, Real Estate & Property, Social Work, Sports, Supply Chain & Logistics, Transport & Road, Travel & Tourism, Various
General Accounting, Financial Accounting, Chartered Accounting, Auditing , Finance & Financial Management
Aeronautical Engineering, Construction Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, General Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Metallurgy & Metallurgical, Mine Surveying & Mineral Surveying, Mining Engineering, Rock Engineering & Rock Blasting, Sound Engineering, Structural Engineering, Systems Engineering
Asset Management, Business Related [Business Administration, Business Management, Business Science], Corporate Governance, Economics, Fiscal and Public Policy, General Commerce, Human Resources, Investment, Marketing, Purchasing & Buying, Risk Management, Sales & Retail, Transport Economics
Computer Engineering, Computer Sciences, Graphic Design & Game Graphics, Informatics & Information Systems, Information Technology, Information and Communications Technology, Multimedia & Interactive Media, Software Engineering & Software Development.