Advanced Diploma in Accounting at UCT – SA Bursaries 2019

By | January 11, 2018

Advanced Diploma Accounting UCT

Advanced Diploma accounting UCT: This is an intensive programme which has been specifically designed to provide high calibre graduates from disciplines other than Financial Reporting accelerated entry into the Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting.

Advanced Diploma accounting UCT: Course Admission Criteria

Acceptance is at the discretion of Senate or the Head of the College of Accounting, who will consult with a Selection Committee. Additional testing, information and/or an interview may be required in order to gain acceptance.
An applicant who has achieved at least 65% in the final year of a Bachelor’s degree at this University or another university recognised for this purpose and who has not previously registered for a SAICA accredited programme, will be considered for admission. The applicant is required to demonstrate an appropriate level of numerical ability.
An applicant may be accepted to the programme in cases where he/she falls short of the 65% mark, provided the applicant has demonstrated an appropriate level of numerical ability (e.g. successful completion of Mathematics and/or Statistics courses – equivalent to MAM1010 and/or STA1000).

What is an Advanced Diploma?

An advanced diploma is one given to students who complete a set of courses based on their desired field of study. Generally, this type of diploma is given to students who complete three years of higher education studies. This type of diploma is then just below the achievement of a bachelor’s degree. In many cases, individuals will achieve this goal and then enter the workforce.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Advanced Diploma?

It allows the student to learn what he or she needs to know to work in the field of his or her choice. If a bachelor’s degree is not necessary in this area, it is a faster and easier option than completing a full bachelor’s degree.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Advanced Diploma?

Applicants are required to submit a written motivation. More details of Advanced Diploma in Accounting, visit the University of Cape Town