Eskom Bursary

Eskom Bursaries

Eskom bursaries are offered as part of the companies support for education and development of careers in South Africa. Eskom is the sole generator and distributor of heavy current electricity in this country. The company is committed to various educational programs aimed at development of workforce.

Eskom Bursaries Available

Bursaries are offered under the following categories:

The types of bursaries are made available on basis of business operational needs which change from time to time.

Eskom Bursary Requirements

Citizens of SA
Academically well performing students
Students willing to join Eskom operations upon competition
Merit Bursaries

These student bursaries are offered by Eskom on basis of the following:

  • Financial deserving students
  • Academic well performing students
  • Disabled students
  • Eskom initiatives students
  • Lineine management students

No compulsory service upon completion

Eskom Scholarships
Eskom scholarships are allocated exclusively for employees of Eskom and their children.

The awarding is on the following basis

Academically performing students
More than 5 years of serving

Eskom Bursary Requirements

Here are the requirement of Eskom bursaries that applicants must meet in order to be considered:
Students must be South African and a valid ID number
Must have National Senior Certificate or equivalent
Must produce proof of acceptance at a higher learning institution of SA
Student must take a full time programme
Be willing to undergo medical examination

Eskom Bursary Value

Eskom bursaries cover the following cost:
Tuition fees
Holidays allowance
Computer allowance
Eskom Bursaries Application Process

Eskom Bursary Application Forms
Note this eskom bursary is now closed

There are three ways you can apply for Eskom bursary. You can apply online by visiting Eskom website. The second option is to deliver the application to:

Maxwell Drive


you can send your application via post to:
Student Development Department
PO BOX 1091

Alternatively you can visit Eskom website to see more details about Eskom bursaries that are being offered.
Eskom bursary application form.