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What is a bursary?

Bursaries Available – A bursary is a means of financial assistance to a student or learner who has no financial means to further hers/his or studies/education. The bursary is offered by a company/institution/organization/government/individual.

Bursary normally covers the following however depended to the offer of the bursary:

Registration Fees
Tuition Fees
Prescribed Textbooks
Personal Allowance

Note that the above are depended to the offer of the bursary and therefore subject to differ as per company/organization/institution/government/individual.

Requirements of  Bursaries Available

When applying for a bursary, students or applicants or learners must meet the following:

Applicants/Students/Learners must have good proven academic record
Applicants/Students/Learners must be in need of financial assistance to further their studies/education

Note: In South Africa applicants from historical previously disadvantage are give a preference.

Reason Bursaries Available are offered

Companies, government/state, institutions, organization and/or individuals are investing on young academically talented persons whom eventually they can develop them into working in for them.

Obligations of a bursary

Applicants once awarded a bursary are obligated to work for the company/institution/government/organization for the same period of years the bursary was awarded.

Individuals who offers bursary normally do it from the way of giving back and from their hearts with not obligations in return.

Documents needed when applying for a bursary

Under normal situation the following documents are needed:

Identification Document of the Applicant
Academic Records
Income statements/payslip of the applicants (If applicants are working)
Income statements/payslip of the parents or guardian (if applicants are still young)

Note: Applicants must be between the ages of 7 and 25 years

Bursaries can be offered to learners who are doing Grade 1 to Grade 12 not just students who are a tertiary level.

Applicants must always ensure when applying for a bursary, they do not miss the bursary deadline/closing date. Companies/institutions/organizations/governments do not accept late applications.

Bursaries Available

TISO Foundation Bursary