WSP Bursaries 2018

By | 2016-03-29

WSP Bursaries Available 2018

WSP bursaries in Africa offers bursaries for engineering students at recognised universities in South Africa from second year onwards.
We support our bursary candidates through vacation work, giving them the opportunity to not only make their mark on the world but to build a legacy.

WSP Bursaries Requirement

Once you’ve selected the vacancy that interests you, click on ‘Apply now’ and follow the instructions.
For some vacancies you will be prompted to create an account.
Alternatively if you already have an account then you will be able to log in.
Speculative applications
If there isn’t a suitable opportunity available to you right now at WSP Africa, but you are interested in working for us in the future then please make a speculative application, by registering an account and following the specified process.

How To Apply

Bursary Application Forms Available Here