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National Bursaries Available 2019 – 2020

National Bursaries Available National Bursaries supports and promotes research and human capital development through funding, the provision of National Research Facilities and science outreach platforms and programmes to the broader community in all fields of science and technology, including natural science, engineering, social science and humanities. iThemba Laboratory for accelerator based sciences is a group… Read More »

Department of Higher Education Bursaries 2018 – SA bursaries 2019

Department of Higher Education Bursaries government bursary application forms – Department of Higher Education Bursary Instructions Read carefully before completing, signing or submitting this form. Ensure that this form is completed in full. Complete in BLOCK LETTERS. Note that this bursary cannot be used to pay for existing loans or debts. Government Bursaries Criteria Ensure… Read More »

GDID Bursaries Available 2018 – SA Bursaries 2019

GDID Bursaries Available 2018 GDID bursaries available works with the Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development is committed to youth and skills development in the country in line with the National Skills Development Strategy. The bursary programme aims to promote quality education and skills development within the critical and scarce skills sectors linked to the Core… Read More »

Chinese Bursaries Programme 2018 – SA Bursaries 2019

Chinese Bursaries Programme Available 2018 Chinese Bursaries – The Chinese Government is offering scholarships for South African students to study at Chinese institutions starting in the 2018 academic year. The scholarship may be awarded for undergraduate (Bachelors) in the identified scarce skills, postgraduate (Masters or PhD) or non-degree Chinese language studies. Preference is given to applications… Read More »

SAB Miller Learnerships Programme – SA Bursaries 2019

SAB Miller Learnerships Programme SAB Miller Learnerships programme – Port Elizabeth As part of the experiential training, successful candidates will be required to operate and maintain the required throughput within the Brewing process to achieve optimal equipment efficiencies. FET internships For students who require 12 months plant exposure in order to obtain a National Diploma… Read More »

MTN Graduate Programme Available – SA Bursaries 2019

MTN Graduate Programme MTN Graduate Programme is the route for accounting trainees who want to qualify as chartered accountants CA (SA). You can qualify as a CA (SA) within MTN by specializing in financial management and management decision making. As the trainees are trained to become well-rounded chartered accountants, a major part of their training… Read More »

NYDA Bursaries Available 2018 – SA Bursaries 2019

NYDA Bursaries NYDA Bursaries – UWC schools, colleges and programmes deliver a challenging and transformative education experience to a diverse cross section of students, inspiring them to create a more peaceful and sustainable future. UWC has 15 schools and colleges in 15 different countries across 5 continents, all with distinctive characters but sharing the same… Read More »

Nestle Bursaries Available 2018 – SA Bursaries 2019

Nestle Bursaries Nestle Bursaries – At Nestlé, we have a high performance culture that puts the emphasis on diversity, innovation and growth and this enables their development and ultimately ours. As a professional, you’ll find you have a wider sphere of influence and more freedom than elsewhere. So you’ll be able to broaden or deepen… Read More »

Unilever Bursaries Available 2018 – SA Bursaries 2019

Unilever Bursaries Unilever Bursaries – Applications for the Unilever Engineering Bursary are now open.Want to have the largest FMCG company in South Africa invest in you? Want to be part of a Global winning team? The Unilever Bursary program will offer you a support structure to complete your degree successfully! Unilever’s brands are amongst the most successful… Read More »

Kantey and Templer Bursaries Available 2018 – SA Bursaries 2019

Kantey Templer Bursaries Kantey Templer Bursaries and Educational Assistance Scheme has been created to provide financial assistance for the study of civil, mechanical or electrical engineering at tertiary level for persons who, through proven academic performance and personal circumstances, are considered deserving of support. Applications from previously disadvantaged individuals are encouraged. Kantey Templer Bursaries Value… Read More »