By | January 3, 2018
Provide workplace experience to graduates allowing them practical exposure that will enrich their academic training, enhancing future employability. Provide additional skills development training that will stimulate personal and professional growth, provide life skills and boost work readiness (Basic Business, Technical and Life Skills Training) through formal mentorship.Essential Requirements:
This programme specifically targets South African candidates who have completed a Bachelor’s Degree /Post-Graduate Degree in Computer Science or equivalent

General Requirements:

Should have an interest in working in an agricultural research environment
Good verbal, written and communication skills
A team player that can self-motivate and work independently
Goal oriented and career focussed
Successful participants will receive an allowance of R3000.00 on a monthly basis.
We offer onsite accommodation, meals, laundry service: Should you make use of this option a monthly deduction of R380.00 will be made from your allowance via our payroll.
Free primary health care facilities.
There will be opportunities for growth and development for students who stand out from the rest and contribute significantly during the year.

The ideal candidate will have the following competencies:
Ability    assist analysts/designers in researching and documenting computer users requirements
understand IT systems from a development and business analysis point of view
understand the principles and practice of computer programming
work in a team
work methodically and systematically
understand data management systems
business information systems
business processes
computer programming principles
information technology industry trends
How to Apply