By | 2018-01-03
The bursary will be used exclusively for registration, tuition fees, examination fees and books for the specific year that the bursary has been approved. The bursary excludes accommodation, subsistence and clothing allowances. Funds will be paid directly to the institution. Bursaries will be re-evaluated each year based on academic performance and Bursars will be required to sign a contractual agreement for each year of study.
Field of Study:
  • Bursaries will be offered for full time studies leading to a B-Tech or Degree.
  • Recognised SAQA accredited qualifications only.
  • Bursaries will be awarded for undergraduate studies.
  • Funding for post graduate studies will be considered on merit, scarce skills shortage and availability of funds.
The minimum requirement for application is an aggregate of 60% or more.
How To Apply 

Marketing Bursary

Apply for the RCL Foods Marketing Bursary

Finance Bursary

Apply for the RCL Foods Finance BursaryEngineering Bursary: Mechanical

Apply for the RCL Foods Mechanical Engineering Bursary

Supply Chain Bursary
Apply for the RCL Foods Supply Chain Bursary

Agriculture Bursary: x2

Apply for the RCL Foods Agriculture Bursary

Engineering Bursary: Electrical

Apply for the RCL Foods Electrical Engineering Bursary