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Bursaries Available

Nedbank bursary programme is committed to the future of South Africa and that future belongs to you, the youth of our great nation.
Being a people-centered organisation we care about people’s future and strive to assist in uplifting them by offering life-changing solutions through different programmes such as the Nedbank Bursary Fund. This has also earned us our reputation as South Africa’s green and caring bank.

Bursary Requirements

Learners who are currently in grade 12
Students who are registering for the first year
Students who are already registered with a recognised South African public university (under- or postgraduate study)

Bursary Education details

Average of 65% (all applicants)
University entrance criteria for degree studies met
Applicants who did not study towards a degree after matriculating will be considered only if they matriculated in 2013 (a minimum of two years before the year to be funded)


South African public universities registered with the Council of Higher Education
Universities of technology for IT and property-related qualifications

How to Apply

Closing Date: 30 April 2015

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