MQA Bursaries Available 2018 – SA Bursaries 2019

By | January 9, 2018

MQA Bursaries

MQA bursaries scheme was established to increase the number of students taking careers in the mining and minerals sector. Today the bursary scheme continues to assist students by offering them the opportunity to study these careers at Higher Education and Training (HET).

MQA Bursaries Available

Student that have enrolled with the University, Further Education and Training institution (FET) and University of Technology. The bursary scheme covers tuition and registration fees; residence fees or out of residence living costs; books, stationary and toolkit allowance per bursar per semester.

MQA Bursaries Eligibility

The minimum criteria required include a strong academic record accompanied by a need for financial assistance. The awards are also based on the student’s performance. The bursary continues for every year in which the student remains enrolled. However it is re-assessed by the MQA Bursary committee annually. The bursary application forms can be found within the MQA Bursary unit upon request or the web site

MQA Bursaries Available

The MQA bursary supports the following core mining disciplines:
Mining Engineering
Mine Survey
Metallurgical Engineering (Extractive only)
Environmental Health and Management
Students studying the following disciplines will also be considered, although there are limited bursaries availalble:
Electrical Engineering (Heavy Current only)
Mechanical Engineering
Chemical Engineering( Mineral Processing)
Electro-Mechanical Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Analytical Chemistry
Jewellery Design and Manufacturing
Special consideration will be given to female applicants as well as applicants living with disabilities.
The MQA carries a service obligation and successful applicants will be obligated to secure employment within the South African mining and minerals sector for the same amount of years as the sponsored bursary.

MQA Bursaries Application Process

In order to submit MQA bursaries application forms, you need to make sure that it is filled correctly and that all necessary documents are attached. MQA bursaries application date is normally communicated at the beginning of each year. Students are advised to submit application forms before the closing date.