Sasol Bursary

Sasol bursary scheme boasts an all-inclusive package recognised in South Africa for being highly competitive. The scheme aims to attract exceptional young talent to the organisation. If you have what it takes to become part of this exciting team, the Sasol Bursary Scheme is ready to change your life! Bursaries awarded are for full-time university studies in engineering, science and commerce disciplines. Upon successful completion of the study period, students may be employed within the Sasol Group through our Novice Professional Development Programme.

Sasol Bursary Available

The Sasol Bursary Scheme offers bursaries on the basis of a service-binding contract after graduation for a period equal to the tenure of the bursary. Applications may be submitted for one of the following fields of study:Chemical
Geology (Hons compulsory)
Metallurgy (Hons compulsory)

What does Sasol Bursary include?

100% of the prescribed university tuition fees, registration fees and exam fees.An amount equal to the average rate for accommodation in a single room at a university hostel at the university at which the Sasol bursar is studying. This rate is determined by sasol in conjunction with the university.An amount for meals based on three meals per day, as determined by the university.An amount of approximately R10 000,00 per annum, towards book and pocket money.


Prescribed tuition fees, registration fees and exam fees are paid directly to the university.Students will be required to pay for any repeat subjects.Monies for accommodation are paid directly to the university if the student is staying in university-administered accommodation.

In cases where the student elects to stay in non-university administered accommodation, monies in lieu of accommodation and meals will be paid directly to the individual. In such instances, the amounts will be limited to that prescribed in points 2 and 3 above.Book and pocket money will be paid directly to the individual.Payments in respect of the above are made twice a year.

The first payment is made at the beginning of the first semester, and the second payment is made at the beginning of the second semester.Full details of the payment process and the requirements which must be met are communicated to successful applicants once a bursary has been awarded.Successful applicants will be bound contractually to work at Sasol after graduation for a period equal to the tenure of the bursary.

How To Apply

Note this bursary is now closed, for more online bursaries you can visit here