Department of Social Development Learnerships

By | 2018-01-10

Learnerships Available

Department of Social Development offers exciting opportunities to suitable candidates who have passed grade 12 for potential placement in our Leamership programme.

•Youth with a disabilites
•Foster Children
•Youth Related to Military Veterans
•Child Support Recipients
•Child Headed Families
•Youth from 50 poorest wards

Successful learners will be expected to enter into a 12 month contract for 201b would be placed across the Department and Identified NGOs and ECD centres.

FETC: SociaL Auxiliary Work

•Volunteers at sector onl.y
•Letter from Manager at NGO!NPO confirming that they will mentor the Learner during the 12 month programme
•Grade 12

FETC: Information Technology

•Grade 12

FETC: Early Childhoold Development

•Volunteers Registered ECD Centres Only
•Letter from Principal at ECD center confirmin gtht they will mentor the learner during he 12 month programme

FETC: Business Administration

•Grade 12

FETC: Child and Youth Care

•Grade 12

Learnerships Requirements

•Certified copies of ID .
•Certified copy of Grade
•Forster Care Order (in case of foster children)
•Documentary proof of relation to Military Veterans
•Motivation from Social Worker
•Death Certificate (in respect of orphans)

How to Apply

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