IFA Bursary

IFA bursary is open to students eligible for first or second year studies in 2019.

The bursary is open to any individual who is under the age of 21 on 30 April 2019 and is the biological child or under the legal guardianship of an IFA who has paid the IFA Business Fee for at least one year (prior to 30 April 2018). Proof of the legal guardianship, if applicable, will be required.

IFA Bursary Available

The applicant must have achieved a minimum aggregate of 60% in Grade 11 and Grade 12 final examinations or achieve, where applicable, a pass mark in first year university studies in order to be considered for a bursary.An IFA Bursary will not be awarded to a candidate who is already the recipient of a bursary from another organisation.Successful applicants will be granted bursaries for full-time study for the full duration of their first undergraduate qualification, subject to ongoing successful academic results and passing each year of study.
All approved bursaries are subject to proof of acceptance by an approved university or reputable tertiary institution.

All applicants must be South African citizens and the tertiary institution at which they will conduct their studies must be registered with the South African Department of Education. The chosen institution’s qualifications must be accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and must be located within South African borders.

IFA Bursary Options

Bursaries will only be awarded for the 2019 academic year.
IFA Bursaries recipients will receive a bursary to the maximum value of R60,000 per annum for registration fees, tuition fees, examination fees, textbooks and thereafter accommodation costs.
All fees, accommodation and book invoices must be submitted to the CSI Officer by no later than 31 March 2018. Failure to do so could result in the cancellation of the bursary contract.
Costs exceeding R60,000 annually will be for the bursary recipient’s own account.
The above fees will be paid directly to the relevant institution. No other costs will be applicable for payment. No payment will be made directly to bursary recipients. All invoices must be addressed to Clientèle Life.
All accommodation deposits paid to the lessee on behalf of the bursary recipient by the company will be deducted from the final study year allowance if not recovered and refunded to the company by the bursary recipient on an annual basis.
Each successful applicant will be responsible for submitting his/her university and other invoices to the CSI officer for payment by 31 March 2018. These invoices will only be paid if they reflect complete information on an official letterhead
(i.e. date, invoice number, address, VAT number, student number, etc.).
No payments will be made in respect of studies already completed.
Only one bursary per family will be considered.
The applicant is required to complete their studies in the prescribed number of years as determined by the university at which they have enrolled.
The successful applicant will be required to achieve a pass mark for each year of study, failing which; the bursary contract
may be cancelled. The student is required to provide the CSI officer with final examination results of all applicable examinations at both half-year and year-end, for all years of study, failing which, the bursary agreement may be cancelled. Annual results must be submitted by the end of the first week of January each year.
Should the student fail any subject during the year, the exam re-write fee (if applicable) for the relevant subject will be for the student’s own account.
Should a student fail more than two subjects in a year (reviewed at year-end) the bursary agreement will immediately become null and void.
Should a student be absent from any examination during the year without prior written approval from the IFA Bursaries Committee, the bursary agreement will immediately become null and void. This will only be approved under exceptional circumstances.
Changes to the course or degree for which the bursary was granted must be discussed with and approved by the IFA Bursary Committee before any changes may be made. Notification of the intended course changes must be done in writing and will be subject to written approval from the IFA Bursary Committee.
IFA reserves the right to withdraw the bursary offer should a successful applicant fail to adhere to the rules of the bursary contract.
The IFA parent/guardian of the successful IFA bursary recipient must remain an active IFA for the duration of their studies.

The IFA Bursary Committee will be responsible for all decisions. The committee’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
For enquiries on the bursary offer, kindly contact Ms Emily Molakeng: Limited CSI Officer on 011 320 3064 from 08h00 – 12h00 Mondays to Fridays.