Bursaries South Africa Closing February 2019

By | January 28, 2019

Safunda has listed bursaries that closes February 2019 to make it easier for students to navigate when in search of bursaries. If you are currently doing your Grade 12 and planing to further your education. Then we urge you to start applying into institutions of higher learning now. 

Only once you have been accepted from the institution of higher learning may you then apply for a bursary. 

This list however it is also to assist student who have already been accepted in institutions of higher learning or currently studying at any institutions of higher learning in South Africa to apply for a bursary. 

Bursaries are offered by companies or government institutions to assist students who are in financial need in order to further their higher education studies. Students must have good academic records that means the bursary requirements. 

List of Bursaries closing February 2019

List of other Bursaries South Africa Available

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