How To Become A Chemical Engineer In South Africa

By | February 2, 2018

Chemical Engineer – How To Become One?

The main function of a chemical engineer in South Africa like anywhere else in the world is to plan, design and manage plants where processing of chemical products occurs.

As a chemical engineer your role is to apply principled and documented techniques of heat, mass and momentum transfer. This way your company or employer is able to achieve operational goals that they set up the business for in the first place.

Industries that employ chemical engineer in South Africa are as follows:

  • refineries
  • mines that are involved in the extraction of metallurgic materials from ores (for example gold, steel, uranium);
  • companies that manufacture fertilizers, explosives, paper, chemicals and plastics;
  • industries that produce coal, and also the management of waste and effluent which may pollute the air and water

Specialization in Chemical Engineer

There are three areas of specialization that as a chemical engineer you might want to specialize on in South Africa. They are as follows:

Chemical engineers

May be found in a wide variety of work settings ranging from classrooms, as teachers and lecturers, to research laboratories or construction sites. The actual work setting depends on the type of work and on the size, location and financial resources of the employer.

Chemical Engineering Technician

Chemical engineering technicians use their knowledge of engineering and chemistry to operate and improve chemical processes in an efficient, and a safe and profitable way.

You are responsible for the collection of information relating to a chemical process by taking measurements and consulting the operators. They analyse samples in chemical laboratories. They also make calculations and prepare reports required by factory managers.

They may be involved in the building of experimental plants, testing the processes concerned, solving technical problems and could also be involved in determining the economic viability of projects.

Chemical Engineering Technologist

Chemical engineering technologists work with chemical engineers and chemical engineering technicians, using chemicals and related equipment and products for research and development and also for the manufacture of medical and pharmaceutical preparations.

Who Can Help you on how to become a chemical engineer in South Africa?

Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA)
Private Bag X691
Bruma, 2026
Tel: (011) 607-9500 Fax: (011) 622-9295

Society for Professional Engineers
P O Box 78433
Sandton, 2146
Tel: (011) 783-0765

South African Institute of Chemical Engineers (SAIChE)
P O Box 2125
North Riding, 2162
Tel: (011) 704 5915 Fax : (011) 462 2612
Gold Fields Bursary