By | 2018-01-03

BBD has a bursary programme that is aimed at providing support for talented IT students in selected fields of Information Technology (IT). The bursary programme is designed for those students that are considering a career in software development, which will cover some of costs associated with university studies such as tuition fees, prescribed, books, residence accommodation and meals, along with a monthly allowance for incidentals. Both academic merit and financial need will be considered during the selection process.
Field of Study
• Computer Science
• Computer Engineering
• Software Engineering
• Informatics
• Computer Science
• A South African citizen studying or qualified at a South African university
• Passionate about creating and building software
• Studying or qualified in Computer Science, Software and Computer Engineering, Informatics or any related IT fields with a minimum academic average of 65%
• Skilled in terms of written & verbal communication
How to Apply
Visit BBD website in order to apply for this bursary.