Anglo American Bursaries Programme South Africa

By | 2018-01-01

Anglo American bursaries are offered comprehensively for tertiary studies and practical routes towards all the careers listed below

Mining Engineer
Rock Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Mine Geologist
Mine Surveyor
Analytical Chemist
Ventilation Specialist
Finance and Information
Metallurgist/ Chemical Engineer

The Three Possible Study Options

Tertiary study at a UNIVERSITY. This includes components of practical training prior to, and during, tertiary study.
Tertiary study at a UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY. This includes the component of experiential training as required by the University of Technology for the National Diploma, and/or B Tech degree.
Structured PRACTICAL training programmes. These are supplemented by in-house and/or industry training courses.

Tertiary Option

A Grade 12 academic level with a minimum of 60% achieved for Pure Mathematics, Physical Science and English is required for applicants to be considered for a bursary in Mining Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical /Metallurgical Engineering, Geology, Rock Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Mine Surveying and Finance and Information. (Physical Science is not required for Finance and Information).

Exposure Programme

Before bursars attend University/University of Technology as a school leaver/ matriculant, they will get the opportunity to thoroughly investigate and confirm their chosen career choice, before embarking on full-time studies, by working for up to a year under professional practitioners. During this time they will receive practical experience in the work environment, exposure to tertiary study and a generous training allowance. Anglo American Platinum believes that the Exposure Year is a valuable year for its bursars and therefore compulsory for all disciplines except for Finance and Information students.

Practical Training Route

This is a structured practical training programme available only for Ventilation Engineering and Mine Surveying, supplemented by in-house and/or industry training courses leading to an industry recognised certificate and a substantive appointment with the company. Trainees receive an allowance while training. A Grade12 academic level with a minimum of 50% achieved for Pure Mathematics and Physical Science and English is required for applicants to be considered for a bursary in Ventilation Engineering and Mine Surveying.

How To Apply

Anglo American Bursary Application Forms Available Online