Allan Gray Bursaries 2018 – 2019 Bursary Application Forms

By | 2018-01-01

Application for the
South African Scholarship Opportunity is available to learners in Grade 6.
Successful applicants enter the Scholarship in Grade 8.

Application: Selection Criteria

Applicants must be
well-rounded individuals and display (entrepreneurial) leadership
In addition the following
criteria apply:

  • Academic
    Excellence. Particularly in Mathematics and English.
  • Financial
  • Be a South
    African citizen.
  • Demonstration
    of the Allan Gray Scholarship Pillars:
    Wisdom &
    : creativity, curiosity, open-mindedness, love of learning,
    Courage: bravery, persistence, integrity,
    Vision: appreciation of excellence, gratitude,
    hope and humor
    Leadership: Citizenship, fairness, sense of


Application Process (applications open end July 2018)


  • Download the
    application form for high school scholarships or SMS “SCHOLAR” + “Your Fax Nr.”
    to 36777 to have an application form faxed to you
  • Complete and
    submit the original application form by the closing date.
  • If you make the
    shortlist, you will be invited to write a numeracy and literacy test.
  • Applicants who
    make it through the numeracy and literacy phase of the process will be requested
    to submit a supplementary application form.
  • Applicants who
    make it through the supplementary application assessment stage will be invited
    for an interview.
  • If you make the
    shortlist, you will be invited to a 2-day selection camp.
  • Recommendations
    for placement will be made to custodians of applicants who make it through the
    selection camp stage.
  • Recommendations
    approved by custodians will be submitted to Placement Schools.
  • Candidates
    whose recommendations are approved by the Placement Schools will be awarded the


Dates (applications open later in 2018)

Download Application here