AfriSam Bursaries Available – 2018 SA Bursaries

By | 2018-01-11

AfriSam Bursaries 2018

AfriSam (Pty) Ltd is one of the most widely spread Cement, Aggregate and Readymix Groups in the Southern African region. To ensure the continued success of our business, our bursary scheme is meant to provide financial support to registered undergraduate students who are currently at a recognised South African University. We are offering bursary opportunities and inviting the following talented and high performing full-time students to apply in one of the following qualifications:

Bursaries Available

Bsc Eng (Electrical Engineering)
Bsc Eng (Mechanical Engineering)
Bsc Eng(Chemical Engineering)
BSc Eng (Mining)
Bsc Eng (Civil Engineering)
Bsc Hons(Geology)
BSc Environmental Science
BSc Computer Science /
BCom Informatics degree)
Students with an excellent track record (minimum 65% average in academic results) and who are in need of financial assistance are invited to apply.
Turn your ambition into reality by partnering with a company that builds a future of limitless possibility…

How To Apply

All bursary application forms available here