Absa Bursary South Africa Application 2018 – 2019

By | 2018-01-01

Not sure how you are going to pay your tuition fees and buy all the textbooks you need? Whether you’ve just received your acceptance letter or have already started studying, a Study Loan from Absa will help you focus on succeeding in your studies, without the added worry of how to fund it all.Provided you are enrolled, or in the process of enrolling as a full-time or part-time student at a University, University of Technology, Private College or FET College, your parent, guardian or sponsor can open a Study Loan on your behalf.

An Absa Study Loan can be used to pay your study fees, textbook bills and related costs. It can help you make the most of your resources. You only have to pay the interest on the loan while you are studying. The actual loan itself only has to be paid back once you finish studying; and there’s a grace period for those students who have to complete a period of community service or internship following graduation.


You can apply for a Study Loan at any of our Student Bureaus or branches. Be sure to bring the following documentation:

  •     Proof of registration and studies fees quote
  •     Identity documentation
  •     Previous academic results
  •     A detailed breakdown of textbook costs
Due to the fact that a Study Loan is taken out in the name of the sponsor, sponsors must provide:
  •     Proof of earnings / latest payslip
  •     Identity documentation
  •     Banking details
  •     Marriage / divorce documentation if sponsor is / was married
How To Apply